twenty one pilots’ Ned in Real Life

Do we have any Twenty One pilots fans out there? We’re personally pretty big fans ourselves. If you’re a fan, then you may have seen their latest music video “Chlorine”. Not a Twenty One pilots fan or haven’t had a chance to watch it yet? Check out the video here. 

In the video, a new character from the Twenty One Pilot’s incredibly creative, imaginary world makes a grand appearance. He’s a little furry friend named Ned. Ned is a pretty cool looking dude. So we took his grand entrance as an ideal opportunity to learn how to do sculpting in CAD and create our very own mini Ned figurine. 

Check it out.

Surprisingly, the sculpting tool wasn’t as complicated as I thought it would be. It just took some playing around with to figure out how it works. I could have watched 100 videos but honestly, the easiest way to learn it, is to play around with it. With any new project, sometimes starting is the most difficult part. We mostly kept putting off using this technique out of fear. We were scared of the time it would take to learn and the learning curve involved. We were pumped with the end result of Ned, especially the fuzzy ear hair detail. 

Know that you can do hard things too and that sometimes, hard things aren’t really so hard once you get started. You just have to start them. If you want the files so you can print your own Ned, you can get them HERE on thingiverse for free. And if you happen to print your own Ned, tag us @therumblelab on Instagram so we can see!

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