RumbleLab. Helping your kid unleash their inner engineer.

For those who:

Learn by reading.

Learn by listening.

Learn by doing.

Hands-on projects & videos to help kids learn engineering skills on their level.

How It Works

We make it as easy as possible to spend time with your kids and help them learn problem solving skills by making stuff.

Receive your Challenge

Pick up one of our Challenge Crates, or sign-up for the FREE DIY guides.

Build and Learn

Dive in with your kid and invent something cool to complete the challenge.

Stand Back

After getting them started, take a back seat and watch where their creativity goes.

Why Families Like Us

Just a few ways the Challenge Crate can positively affect your child.

A Fun-Family Activity

As a child, some of our fondest and most formative experiences were working on projects with Dad. Our team is passionate about coming up with awesome projects for families to build together. Maybe you use it to pass DIY skills down to your child, maybe it’s just a fun activity but either way, you both will have a blast, we guarantee it!

A Break From Screens

When we were growing up we learned by doing and screens were used for keeping bugs out of the house. Now they are everywhere and addictive. We’re a little biased…but we are more of a fan of hands on learning. RumbleLab projects are fun and offer a great way to get kids interested in making.

STEM Learning

As a kid, I HATED school. I didn’t see the point. At the same time I loved making things and would learn by doing. Get your hands on something and the science becomes obvious. Your child won’t even realize they are learning. Homeschool STEM activities just got a lot more enjoyable.

Challenge My DIY'er

For the gifted kids, you know, the ones who are always asking "Why?" They have probably already taken everything in the house apart and are starting to invent things that have you questioning if you have the right home insurance policy. The Challenge Crate is a fun way to keep them hungry for more.

What Customers are Saying

Ugh, this is hard. I hate this box." Three minute pause. "Look how cool! This is the best box EVER!" "That second part was repeated for several hours.

Team Burke

I’m absolutely in love with a kit that teaches my kiddos something so valuable, and then asks them to apply that knowledge and do something spectacular with it.

Team Kessler Full Review HERE

Coming up with an innovation is hard work but I see more and more how valuable engaging in the process is for my kids.

Team Price

What's Inside

Each crate comes with specific parts and pieces that will help your child have fun through building.

Rumble Tops

Tops product photo


Use the parts in your crate to invent your own tops, then battle them with your friends.


Mission To Mars

Mars crate product photo


Come with us on a mission to Mars. Use your crate to figure out how to solve problems that come up along the journey!


Can Crusher

Can Crusher product photo


This crate comes with everything you need to invent an outer space hydraulic can crusher.