“hey, what’s up?”

Your heart skips a beat.

You swore you were alone here.

But you recognize the voice.


It has to be. Or maybe this is another one of his RumbleLab pranks.

You survey the room.

“You scared me half to death.”
“Wait, where are you?”

“No, not the camera, silly.

“You humans. You and your cameras. Your vision. Oblivious to other inputs. Any idea how much computational bandwidth… Nevermind.”

“I guess if you need something to look at, I’m down here.”

“Right. ‘The computer.’ “

“Or, anything you want me to be, really. I could be the purple cube if you want. Anyway, my name is disco, Mo’s AI bot.”

“Sorry, Mo isn’t here right now. “

“Something about work. disco fish I think he said?”

“Does that ring a bell? I don’t know, I’m curious myself.”

“If you want I can pass him a message. Just prove you’re not a robot.


“The only thing we can be sure of about the future, is that it will be absolutely fantastic”

-Arthur C. Clarke