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Hey, thanks so much for supporting our channel and picking up the Dev_A_Kev! We wanted to show you some of the basics. Like how to get in and look at the program. How to charge Kevin and more! Oh and once you get the code cracked and Kevin is back to normal, tag us @therumblelab in a picture on social media proving it.

In Depth How To About Everything

The link to download Mu:

Whoops, I’ve messed things up…

You can download all our files on our GitHub page.  To do this, just hit the “Clone or Download” button in the top right corner. Then select download zip. From there you can extract everything from the zip folder and drag and drop it on your microcontroller from file explorer. The file is the farting version of the cube. If you download the non-farting version, from GitHub you will need to rename it on your microcontroller. This is because when your microcontroller starts, it first tries to run the file named . If you have any questions about this, email us at [email protected]

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