Why buy a business?

That’s like asking, “Why would you buy a hundred dollar bill for ninety dollars?” A good business to buy is one that makes more money than it costs to finance. It’s like buying a money printer that can be fixed up and tinkered with so that it can print even more money. One that has already been proven. One where someone already did the hard work of starting it.

Because, owning a (good) business allows you to make VERY good money. With ultimate flexibility. Flexibility that allows me to be a better dad.

It turns out, there are significantly more sellers than buyers. Because there are more smart geezers ready to retire from their business than young whipper snappers that know that you can buy a business.

And running a business is simpler than you might think.

The real question should be “How do you buy a business?”

If you know of someone looking to sell their business, in the $0.5-3M EBITDA range give me a shout. [email protected] . Bonus points if it is located in or around Charleston, SC.