kids making a can crusher

What happened to the kits!?

Great question! They were pretty cool weren’t they? Wayyyy cooler than Mark Rober’s Crunch Labs, right?

Unfortunately, we had to stop making them. Knowing what I know now, they honestly weren’t profitable enough. Because I tried to pack the maximum amount of awesome in a box for too cheap. It’s really hard to be cheap and awesome. There’s a reason Mark’s are made out of cheap laser cut parts. As a result, our personal savings account paid the price. Which is why I went and helped a buddy start the trash company.

That and I had a little girl on the way. Nothing quite like a kid to help you grow up and value financial stability, right?

Thankfully, as of June 30, 2023, I have sold the trash business and am able to take some time to figure out what’s next.

Part of what I am working on is this site. Turning it into my personal site. A daddy blog if you will.

Oh and the kits. That’s why you’re here to begin with.

I’m open sourcing all the old RumbleLab projects. Putting them on github and packing them up into a free e-book. Plus releasing a few new ones that we would have turned into a kit if our lawyers didn’t talk some sense into us.

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