me and the bros

WordPress says I should put words here but I don’t wanna. Maybe I should clarify, I promise I’m not grabbing JB’s butt. I don’t think..

Sup, dude? It’s me, Moultrie, Mo, whatever you want to call me.

No, I really don’t know what I am working on next now that the business is gone.

That’s what you came here to figure out though, isn’t it? Ha.

I wish I knew… And I was hoping you would help me figure it out.

For a while, I was thinking something AI related, but no. Too many scammers there.

I was also thinking about just turning RumbleLab into a Daddy blog now that I am a dad and all. And maybe I will.

The surest option seems to involve buying a business. But this feels too much like a cheat code. An infinite money glitch. Boring. But something I will investigate.

I am doing a daily podcast, though. Every once in a while I will share an episode with my email list.

I really don’t plan on the pod being THE thing. But it’s been a lot of fun. And super helpful while I am figuring these next steps out.

So yeah, I’m really not sure what’s next. But now that I have a good bit of time on my hands, I plan to figure it out. Figure it out here, on this blog. In public.

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