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Mission to Mars

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We need your kid’s help on our Mission to Mars! Read through the interactive comic provided where they will be challenged to solve the problems that come up aboard the ship.

Learn about:

Tools, measurement, circuits, forces, motion, energy, hydraulics, mechanical advantage, electricity and magnetism, gears, aerodynamics and mechanisms in a fun, hands-on way.

How it works:

Use the 200+ parts from your crate and what you learn from the supplemental activities to invent things to solve the problems you encounter. Every single part and tool you may need can be found inside. This mission is a great way to refine a child’s engineering skills. It even works as a year-long science curriculum (see the Educators page HERE).

Inventions include:

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Both Included in Mars
Tops product photo

Rumble Tops

Invent your own tops using the parts provided and battle them with your friends. Use the scientific method and physics or just use good ole trial and error to re-engineer, then repeat. May the best inventor win.


$14.99 +SHIPPING

Astronaut Can Crusher

When traveling in outer space, crushing cans is hard because there is zero gravity. Figure out how to use the parts in this box to invent a machine that can crush a can in zero gravity using only your pinky. Oh, and maybe learn a little about hydraulics in the process.

$44.99 +SHIPPING

Compare at $24.99 w/ Mars



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