a wild goofball

I’m not that worried about AI,

until I think about this goofball…

Hey, I’m Moultrie Ball. But you can call me Mo.

A lot has changed recently, for one, I’m a dad now. That’s crazy…

Two, I sold my trash business. Let’s just say I’ve got a lot of time on my hands now.

Three, Artificial Intelligence.

Guys, I don’t know if you have been paying close attention to AI, but it’s a big freaking deal. It’s easily the biggest concern I have for my daughter.

But it also represents the biggest opportunity for her.

And it’s changing so fast. There is a lot of money pouring in. Money that attracts talent. Talent which accelerates development.

But the money is also attracting a lot of charlatans and snake oil salesmen. Heck, I’m one myself.

We’re not experts, but we’re learning…

rebuilding old laptop to run tensorflow

Learning tons about AI. Here were trying to figure out how to upgrade our old laptop so that it can run tensorflow, a popular AI framework.

Obviously she doesn’t understand any of this stuff yet. But my aim is to start learning it myself so that she gets exposed at a young age.

Honestly, I have more questions than answers at this point. Questions I am unpacking in each weekly newsletter.

Questions like:

  • What the heck is AI, really? (spoiler it’s just math)
  • Should I even be worried, isn’t this all just a bubble? (nope)
  • What about AI generated content and misinformation? (yep)
  • How should AI be used in the classroom? (idk)
  • What will the good jobs be in 10 years when AI is way more capable? (good question)
  • What skills will my daughter need to be successful in this world? (we’ll see)
  • How do I expose her in a responsible way? (I’m not sure, yet)

Questions that help me parent better. So that my daughter is better prepared to use AI as a tool to crush life instead of being crushed by it.

I’m just thankful that I have the time and resources to dive in, interview experts and figure this out now. Before it’s too late. Dive in and figure out how to raise a kiddo in the AI age.

Whether you are a parent, teacher, or just a concerned citizen, I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

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