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Now that I’ve sold the trash business, I am trying out this stay-at-home dad thing.

While I figure out what business is next…

I’ve got a few ideas. A few too many to be honest. And that’s a lot of what I am working through here, on RumbleLab.

Important side note: If there is anything you see, that you would like me to expand upon, know that you’re probably not alone. Please send me an email. [email protected]

I’ll warn you though. Some of this blog will be daddy content. Because that’s most of what I am doing right now. Because it’s what I care the most about.

And even though most days are a fail.

Occasionally, we get it right…

But that’s life. Getting things right, occasionally.

So yeah, I’m taking the next year to figure out how to start or buy a business which allows me to “make it” as a stay-at-home dad. A dad that never misses out on any of the fun, sleeps in his own bed every night yet makes plenty of money.

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