me and daughter on roof planning out treehouse

“WTF, dad!?” – mom

Now that I sold the trash business I have A LOT more time on my hands while I search for the next business to buy.

Time to be a dad. Time to plan more adventures and experiments that usually evoke a WTF response from mom.

Like taking my 3yo on the roof in rain boots to plan out our tree house. Or dumpster diving for a broken paddleboard that we can fix together and learn to surf. Or rebuilding our old laptop to run tensorflow.

Most of what I have been working through though is my “thesis” on Artificial Intelligence for parents. Because it poses both the greatest risk and opportunity for my daughter. And if I were you, I would probably be paying attention to this stuff.

So that is what I am writing about here and on my email newsletter. AI and (mostly) terrible parenting ideas. Ideas relevant to me as a dad. And maybe occasionally talking about business.

Oh, and now that I have officially killed the project kit business and turned this into my “daddy blog”, I will be open sourcing all the old project kits and releasing the plans over the coming months. So you can have some more WTF moments yourself.


P.S. If you know someone who is looking to sell their business, give me a shout. [email protected]