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What About Returns?

We hate to see you go but we offer everyone a Happiness Guarantee. If you didn’t love it, you can return your crate within 30 days of receipt. To arrange a return, contact us at [email protected] and one of our engineers will be happy to help.

What is the age group?

Excellent question. It really depends on how involved the adults are willing to get. We design the projects to encourage teamwork. The child is the brains and figures out how to build it while the parent is the braun and helps with some of the assembly that requires more strength. On average, our kids are 7-14 where a 7 year old will need a bit of assistance while a 13 year old may need none.

Who is RumbleLab?

RumbleLab was founded by two big kids...ahem...I mean mechanical engineers, Moultrie Ball and Joe Cahill.

Why RumbleLab?

Growing up, Moultrie and Joe were always working on “projects” around the house with dad. Whether it was building a cabinet, working on the minivan or building a potato cannon, we were always working on things together. This was very formative for us. It taught us problem solving skills, handy skills and critical thinking skills to name a few.

When we started RumbleLab, we believed there was some serious room for improving the way children are being engaged. What we didn’t forsee was that there were several Dads out there, just like ours, who would love a fun and simple way to build with their kids and pass handy skills on to them. So that is what we set out to do, help give busy families a way to sit down, have fun, invent something, pass handy skills on and ooh by the way, maybe learn a little bit about science through the experience.

What can I expect my kid to learn?

Personally, we believe the most important skills learned are the problem solving skills, the handy skills and critical thinking skills. You know, the skills that will remain valuable as automation and AI continues to creep into the work place.

You can also expect your kid to learn about science and engineering topics like electricity, hydraulics, forces, motion, programming etc.

Who can I contact with a comment, question or concern?

The best contact way to contact us is to shoot an email over the [email protected] .

Can I give suggestions for new projects?

Does a one legged duck swim in a circle?...Yes! Some of our favorite project ideas have been suggestions from families.