Send Your Kid to Mars!

A year-long science and engineering curriculum disguised as a fun space mission, all in one crate.

Work on new skills

Fosters hands-on problem solving skills

Covers multiple topics

Learn about a variety of science subjects as you explore each project

Teach teambuilding

Great to use with 1 - 3 kids


Batteries, tools, etc. No extra trips to the store!

Instruction for all

Written and video instructions provided for different learning styles

Teach it your way

Follow the guide or take an interest led approach.

Looking for something more specific?

From a co-op to corporate outreach, our engineers can help you come up with the perfect STEM experience.

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Educator Products

RumbleLab Can Crusher product photo

Can Crusher


Ever wanted to crush a can using just your pinky? Invent a hydraulic can crusher to make it happen!

Mission to Mars crate product photo

Mission To Mars


Come with us on a Mission to Mars! Use your crate to figure out how to solve problems that come up.

Example of a custom RumbleLab crate, the tops box product photo

Custom Crate

In need of a crate that focuses on a specific science topic? We're here to help! Contact us for more information.

Learn better visually?

Be sure to check out our step-by-step videos online for more guidance with each project.