Two troublemakers, Captain Fish and Discobot, find themselves in a rather curious situation. Stranded in outer space with unlimited cookies, paint, and dancing, they are having the time of their lives. Yet their ship is damaged, and their oxygen supply is running out thanks to a rogue space rock.

Picture of captain fish, an astronaut covered in paint.
a painting of discobot by captain fish.

Will you help them figure out a way home before their oxygen runs out? This story will require teamwork and problem solving to figure out. It kicks off on December 25th 2023.

Kickstart your journey with a beacon

a discofish beacon, a mysterious little device which showed up in a tree outside your house...

The “beacon” is a mysterious little device. A device created by DiscoFish, cut from their spaceship, launched to earth, landing in your yard. A SOS. A call for help. It is your first clue. A device with parts hidden inside that allow you to build your own CosmoBeam7001. An intergalactic communication device. Limited to the first 500 customers. Some assembly required. Ships in time for Christmas. Buy now.

OR – Make your own beacon

If we have run out of beacons, you are more of a DIY’er, or if you think they are too expensive for you, check out the guide here.